Monday, March 25, 2013

Mechanical Pneumonia in Sheep

Mechanical or “foreign body” pneumonia results when fluids or objects enter the lungs, such as excessive birth fluids or milk in the lungs of lambs. An abnormal birth position or any interruption of the umbilical blood supply to the lamb results in an oxygen deficiency. This in turn stimulates the respiratory reflex and causes the lamb to attempt breathing prior to birth.  The respiratory reflex causes inhalation of excessive fetal fluids resulting in mechanical pneumonia. Forced bottle feeding of as lamb with impaired sucking reflex, improper stomach tubing or oral medication may also allow fluid to enter the lungs. There is no cure for mechanical pneumonia.

Friday, March 8, 2013

East Friesian Sheep For Sale - Assaf Sheep For Sale

Karras Farm is now taking deposits for East Friesian Sheep and Assaf F1Sheep.

Karras Farm offers some of the very best dairy sheep genetics available in the United States. Over many years of cultivating highly sought after dairy sheep characteristics, Karras Farm has become a leading provider of dairy sheep in the United States.

Please take a moment to view our blogs and website. We are here to help with all your dairy sheep questions, so feel free to call or email us if we can assist you in any way.


Andy Karras - Owner