Thursday, February 27, 2014

Preparation for Lambing

                                                           Preparation for Lambing
 It is probably erroneous to suggest that one period of the sheep year is more important than another. There is no doubt that lambing time should be the climax of the years' work. 
Unfortunately, in many flocks, this isn't always the case; often because of inadequate preparation and lack of attention to detail throughout the year.
   Birth is the most hazardous period in any animal's life. Since the sheep is a seasonal breeder, a large number of births take place over a relatively short time, putting extreme pressure on both the shepherd and the sheep. It is the shepherd's responsibility to minimize losses of both lambs and ewes and to ensure that neither are subjected to any unnecessary stress or hazard Apart from welfare considerations, it makes economic sense to rear as many fit and healthy lambs as possible. 
   At Karras Farms, we put extreme infuses in keeping our East Friesian dairy sheep and our Awassi dairy sheep in tip top shape year round! 

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Thought for the Day

It is the duty of the shepherd or anyone who is in charge of sheep to identify sick or injured animals promptly and to give appropriate treatment immediately or obtain veterinary advice as soon as possible.
It is a simple matter to spot a sheep or to decide that a sheep which is not eating or that constantly walks around in circles is unwell, but it takes considerable skill, experience and massive commitment to detect animals in the early stages of many diseases.