Friday, September 9, 2011

East Friesian Sheep - Feeding Time

We wanted to share another video of our East Friesian Sheep during feeding. These sheep have amazing qualities and they are some of the worlds best milk producers. Please bookmark the blog or sign up to be on our mailing list as we have several topics that will be discussed in the coming weeks.

We will be covering some of the topics below:
  1. Deworming - when, how and the best products to use
  2. Breeding - How to ensure the best results for conception and bloodline
  3. Sheering - Process and how to best profit from wool
  4. Feeding - What feed to use for animal health and feed alterations through the calendar year
  5. Milk - How to properly milk and measure the milk chemistry for a high quality product
  6. Cheese making - Time to have some fun!
  7. Artificial insemination and Embryo impalntation

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