Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sheep Bells - East Friesian, Assaf and Awassi Sheep

Thank you all for viewing/commenting on our YouTube videos.

We have had several comments regarding the bells we use so I thought I would take a moment to touch base on this subject.

Growing up on a sheep farm in Greece we had always used bells on the herd.
Here is a list of to top benefits to using bells.

1. Keeps the sheep at a calm disposition for proper grazing.

2. Alerts you and your guard dogs in case of danger.

3. You always know where your animals are located.

4. Helps to deter wild predators away. Predators don't like strange sounds!

Note: We put bells on half of our herd and on Ewes only. No bells on Rams or lambs under 1 yr old.

Karras Farm has made arrangements to import some more bells directly from Greece due to a number of you requesting them. If you are interested in purchasing some bells for your sheep please call or email us and we can provide you with some additional details.

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