Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ram Epididymitis - East Friesian Dairy Sheep - Karras Farm

Recently, there has been heightened awareness of Ram Epididymitis, a disease caused by one of several different organisms which damage sperm producing tissue. The infection is well under way and contagious prior to external symptoms showing in physical examinations. Symptoms can include swelling of the Epididymitis, located at the base of the testacies, and the presence of hard lump tissue can indicate the disease is already in an advanced state. In some cases the ewe may become infected resulting in abortions, still births and weak lambs. It is more commonly contagious from ram to ram  but can be transmitted through a ewe who has recently been serviced by a ram. Vaccination has not yet proved highly successful. Early extensive monitoring of your sheep and rapid isolation could save your valuable animals.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Independance Day!

God bless
Andy Karras
Karras Farm Inc.

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